We’re two sisters,Yasmine and Amel. We’re entrepreneurs who like every woman out there, have forever been on the lookout for a holy grail solution to make our hair healthier and shinier. We’ve tried hundreds of products for our hair - serums, masks and hair treatments, you name it. But deep in our hearts, we wanted to stop feeding chemicals to our hair and look at natural alternatives.

    One of the first natural beauty treatments that we tried was the use of coconut oil as a cure-all. But somehow, it left us wanting for more and the greasiness that coconut oil brought to our hair in the UAE climate wasn’t something that we could deal with.


    On a solo trip to Sri Lanka in 2020, I (Amel) heard of king coconut for the first time. After soaking in the sun and relishing the king coconut water during the trip, I brought back two jars of king coconut oil, one for me, one for my sister Yasmine. Shortly after, when COVID struck, we pampered ourselves from head to toe with it while we were holed up at home. 

    We were ecstatic at its effect on our hair. It was as if the universe conspired and took me to Sri Lanka to find the elixir. We realized that it was the solution that we had been looking for and we felt only fitting that it should reach far and wide in its purest form. As soon as we could, we took the next trip to Sri Lanka and started working with local farmers to bring to you king coconut oil.

    Our vision is to bring to you a product that will simplify your beauty regimen and give your skin and hair a nourishing boost.


    We’re bringing to you a bottle of elixir that is a culmination of the gift of nature and our passion for clean and sustainable beauty. It is a multipurpose miracle oil with therapeutic benefits that can rejuvenate your skin and hair. We’ve sourced it with love and care and can vouch for the shine and bounce that king coconut oil can add to your hair. Go ahead and try it, to reveal a confident you!


    Our Philosophy

    We believe in the power of nature and strive to bring products that are natural and easy to use. We want you to experience the simple pleasure of pampering yourself with luxurious King Coconut oil that comes directly from the lap of nature. While doing so, we are mindful of our environment and work towards creating a positive impact.


    Sustainability at the heart

    King Coco is 100% organic and natural, extracted from golden King Coconuts, grown sustainably, without any chemicals, in Sri Lanka. We do not take the abundance of coconuts for granted and produce only small batches of King Coconut oil.

    Green formulation

    We started with the pursuit of a natural product and are proud to say that King Coco is 100% natural, with no additives like parabens or silicones. We are cruelty-free, vegan and mineral-oil free. Just pure coconut oil, cold-pressed and extracted with love from pure coconut milk.

    Giving back

    We believe in giving back to the ecosystem from where the King Coconuts are sourced and are committed towards green initiatives and ensuring fair pricing for the farmers.

    Green packaging 

    Not just the oil inside, but even our packaging is easy on the environment. Our jars are 100% recyclable and we are working towards a program to incentivize empties.